The author with an ekg monitor

     After nearly ten years of working as a professional musician (along with a lot of day jobs), I decided that I wasn't going to be famous after all. I had a wife and two kids to support and I wasn't getting any younger, so when an old friend told me about a job opening in the Bio-Medical field I decided to take a look.

     When I was in high school I decided that I should have something to fall back on besides music. I had always been interested in machines and electricity, so I signed up for electronics courses at the local vo-tech (what do you know, sometimes I actually have good ideas).

     Thus was I introduced to the wonderful world of Bio-Medical Electronics. What I found was that I actually liked it, and found it interesting. After several years as an equipment inspector, and quite a few college courses, I was promoted to the position of department manager and given my own hospital (well they didn't actually give me the building, but they let me take care of the machines). Southern Chester County Medical Center was my home for several years. I had been taking notes for some time about the crazy situations that I encountered on the job, and "Kirkwood" was born.

     While waiting for the book to come from the printer I started thinking about another book. I started riding along with the medics from the hospital, and the next thing that I knew I was enrolled in EMT school. As in "Kirkwood", "Esbenshade" evolved from my experiences working in the field. The support that I got from the people in and around the hospital was overwhelming, and I will always be grateful to them for encouraging me. The characters in the books are based on many of them, though don't ask me who's who, I never kiss and tell.