John Alvah Barnes, Jr.

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Code Blue!

     Kirkwood Medical Center technician Jay Barlow knows about life-and-death emergencies--he just never imagined he would be in that situation himself. While checking a defibrillator used to shock human hearts into action, Jay receives a jolt that starts a sinister, dangerous and ultimately fatal series of events.

While Jay is recovering and being cared for tenderly by E.R. nurse Debbie Farrell, Jay and his boss, Dan Harris, watch as the Bio-Medical department is rocked by a series of mysterious--and potentially lethal--equipment malfunctions. As Jay's romance with Debbie grows, he and Dan begin to suspect deliberate sabotage--but why would anyone booby-trap machines designed to save lives?

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I'm presently at work on my third novel
The adventures of Jay Barlow continue

Kirkwood got passed around my hospital until the pages were falling out. Everyone that read it was talking about how funny and how much fun it was. We all saw ourselves in the characters, and it continues to be a topic of conversation in the nurses' lounge

This book was a real adventure. It made me want to quit my job and work on an ambulance.

     I've always heard that a writer should write what he knows, and that's what I've tried to do.
     I believe that life is about experiences, and I enjoy writing about my own. That's why each of my books so far have taken approximately three years to write, I have to actually live the story line before I put it on paper.
     My new book will be based on my six years of working as a docent at the National Air and Space Museum.